Neeranjanam or Neeranjana Deepam

Are you facing issues in your career? Family Life? Financial Troubles? or bogged down by issues?

Take heart as there is a simple effective remedy for any difficulty in your life.

The immensely compassionate Maha Saasta can help you overcome all your troubles in your life brought by the Kali Age (Kali Dosham).  The remedy is Neeranjanam or Neeranjana Deepam. This is very effective to bring down any mal effects of Saturn in the horoscope (Ardhashtama Shani, Ashtama Shani and Sade Sati) apart from bringing in luck and prosperity.

When should you do this Neeranjana Deepam?

Neeranjana Deepam should be lit on a Saturday preferably between 06:00 and 07:00pm.

How long should the Neeranjana Deepam be lit?

It is preferable that the Neeranjana Deepam be lit for a period of nine continous Saturdays.

What you need for Neeranjana Deepam?

  1. Plantain Leaf with it's tip intact (Nuni Yellai in Tamil)
  2. 100gms of White Rice
  3. 1 Coconut
  4. About 100 to 250 grams of Clarified Butter (Ghee) based on the size of a Coconut
  5. 50 gms of Black Til
  6. 2 X White Cotton Cloth each about 4 inch by 4 inch
  7. Ayyappa Temple with Dwajasthambam

The Procedure

  1. Spread the plantain leaf near the Dwajasthambam
  2. Spread the rice on the plantain leaf
  3. Split the Til into two parts and put it in the 4 inch by 4 inch cloth
  4. Add two grains of the rice to this Black Til
  5. Tie the 4 x 4 inch cloth with the Black Til and make it like a lamp wick
  6. Break the Coconut into two pieces
  7. Spill the Coconut Water and fill the broken coconuts with the Ghee
  8. Dip the Lamp wick made from the 4 x 4 inch white cloth
  9. Light the Lamp wick
  10. Hold each coconut filled with Ghee and the burning wick in each of your palms
  11. Stand behind the Dwajasthambam and Pray for what you want
  12. Now move your palms in a circular motion in front of the Ayyappa Idol (3 times) as if you are showing an Aarthi
  13. Then place the coconuts on the spread rice on the Plantain Leaf
  14. Now, circumambulate (Pradhakshina) the Mani mandapam for as many times as your age. This is called AyuPradakshinam (Ayu = Age).

    (Calculate the number of times that you need to do pradakshina as the age completed as on date + 1)

So what are you waiting for. Get ready for the Neeranjanam starting this Satruday…