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The Subtle Ego

Two brothers - Ramu and Shamu lived in Sonapur village.  Ramu was very successful in his life - had property, more than enough money, fame and luxuries in his life.  Shamu was hardworking but made barely enough to sustain himself and his family.

The delusion of Duality!

"O, enlightened master, how do I dispel the darkness of ignorance within me?", asked the disciple to his master.

"Does darkness exist? What is darkness?", asked the master.

"Well, don't you witness darkness in the night, every night? How can you then suggest that darkness does not exist?", asked the confused disciple.

Is pain undesirable?

Mattu was a successful business man in the town. He was very popular and known for his highly principled life. He suffered from a disease in which he could no experience pain at all. His life did not know what pain was. Everyone envied him. He simply could not feel pain.

When he was 40, he partnered with an international business house and was about to take his business globally. After having signed the contract papers and a dinner in a swank hotel, he returned home.

Education - the window to enlightenment?

It was an unusually sunny day. My vehicle had broken down in the middle of a deserted highway. Wondering what to do, I started to slowly walk towards the nearest village which was about a mile away. The sun was right above the head and was striking very hard on me. I think the temperature must have been around 38 degrees. I had almost walked the distance and was near the village, when out of sheer exhaustion, I collapsed - half faint and half awake.

The story of Sirish the deer

Sirish was a beautiful deer that roamed the forest in the Sahyadri ranges in western ghats. Through out his life he could sense a sweet smell around him.

He spoke to a couple of animals in the forest. "Do you smell that perfume?" he asked.

All the other animals ridiculed him. Some said, he was hallucinating, some said he was mad and many just behaved nicely in front of him and ridiculed him in his absence. Years passed by..the perfume smell only got stronger and Sirish had learned through experience to keep it to himself.

The story of the Peacock and the Cuckoo

A Cuckoo and Peacock were best of pals. Every time both of them met, the Peacock used to show its beautiful dance to the Cuckoo.

Slowly, but steadily, the Peacock became very popular in School, in the neighborhood, in the club. The Cuckoo was happy for its friend but very dejected.

Science and Spirituality

Lets take an example of how science and spirituality will deal with a situation and then proceed to understand the differences or similarities between them, if any.

Let us for our example study 'Hunger' as the subject.

Science, tries to understand how hunger pangs develop, how our body and mind is able to know hunger, what physical changes happen within our stomach and what communication takes place through our nerves. That's science for us.

Whereas spirituality tells us to experience hunger once.

Being Spiritual - Is it something to be proud about?

For all those who pride themselves in being very spiritual and look down upon others who aren't, I would like to ask you a few questions:

Serene swimming duck!

A couple of days back I had to take my son for boating. As me, my wife and my son, sat in the boat, we saw a duck swimming effortlessly on water.

It was so stable and serene, we couldn't but notice its serenity. I pointed to the duck and asked my son to look at the duck. He asked me how the duck was able to stay afloat. I explained to him how the duck paddles below the water, etc.,

As I was explaining I realized how much of effort is going on under the water to make the duck look so serene on top of the water.

The story of the fishes in the pond!

This is a story of fishes that lived deep in a pond, so deep, almost at the bed of the pond. They had a very happy life.

Even their society was divided into Priest fishes, Scientist Fishes, Worker Fishes, Business Fishes, etc just like in our society. The Priest fishes called themselves servants of God and commanded a lot of respect from the other fishes.