So many of us these days are into meditation.

But what exactly is meditation?

When I have asked friends who meditate they have always said that Meditation is concentration, focus, etc.,

But what does Yoga Vashista have to say about meditation, "Meditation is the continuous flow of one single thought". Sounds simple, isn't it?

Try getting your mind to just think of one single thought and then you will realize how difficult it is.

Yogic scriptures describe the mind as a mad drunken monkey that is bitten by a scorpion. Need we say more?

A simple but very effective technique of meditation that I have found which doesn't use any mantra or chanting is the sound meditation.

Sound Meditation or Shabd Meditation

Using your thumb plug your ears. When you do that you will hear a sound. Focus your attention and listen to the sound that is present in the right ear ONLY. Do not focus or listen to the sound that comes from the Left Ear. Continue to listen to it for at least 30 minutes a day. The sound that is heard in the ears is called Anahatha Nada or "The Unstruck sound". I have found this to be most safest, simplest and the most secular way of meditating.


What guarantees that you will hear that special sound? Or is it nothing special at all?

- Vibhu

Try it...and then we will continue the discussion...

What is your goal in meditation? If it is somethings transcendent, as in transcending the mundane, then a "secular" method will not do, as you are trying to transcend the secular (world). One classical and easy method is meditation on OM. See or for tips on OM meditation. You may find the site useful, even for other methods of meditation.

Dear Reddy,

Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my blog.

Secular and Non-secular, Material and Spiritual - these differences in states are non-existent as far as Nirguna Brahman. At least thats what I believe in.

Do you expect GOD or Brahman to fit into a mould that we have created? and besides that all the Vedas declare "Ayam atma brahma", "Tatvamasi", etc. in effect stating that "I am Brahman" and to me meditation is the ONE of the methods to realise this truth.

To think that only chanting "OM" is the only way to realise brahman is something that I do not subscribe. There have been many realised YOGI's who have not resorted to chanting a mantra to realise the supreme self.

And if "OM" is the only way to the brahman, many Tantric scriptures would be useless. Refer "Sri Vidya" moola mantras. They do not have OM at all.

Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Kindly appreciate the Hindu ethos of "There are many different ways to the Supreme", just as different rivers ultimately merge in the SEA.