Serene swimming duck!

  • 7 January 2014
  • makarajyothi

A couple of days back I had to take my son for boating. As me, my wife and my son, sat in the boat, we saw a duck swimming effortlessly on water.

It was so stable and serene, we couldn't but notice its serenity. I pointed to the duck and asked my son to look at the duck. He asked me how the duck was able to stay afloat. I explained to him how the duck paddles below the water, etc.,

As I was explaining I realized how much of effort is going on under the water to make the duck look so serene on top of the water.

Isn't it the case with almost all the successful people - the success that we so easily see, that gets portrayed in the media has come after a lot of paddling?


Sorry, it's not how the duck paddles that keeps him afloat.
A duck's feathers trap air, which helps the duck float. When a duck dives, it squeezes air from its feathers.
A duck's feathers are coated with oil. The oil makes the feathers waterproof. The feathers stay dry, which keeps the duck warm.

Air sacs inside a duck's body also help it float when they fill with air. When a duck dives, these air sacs empty out.

life is never a simple as it seems.

- Alex

Thanks Alex, very true indeed.

Success doesn't come that easy.

Thanks for re-affirming my views.

A very inquisitive mind and nice observation.

For Alex, thanks for the scientific explanation behind seemingly simple thing.

Agree, people just usually see other's people success or failure with a helicopter view.

- Aroengbinang

Hi aroengbinang,

Thanks for your comments.