The delusion of Duality!

  • 7 January 2014
  • makarajyothi

"O, enlightened master, how do I dispel the darkness of ignorance within me?", asked the disciple to his master.

"Does darkness exist? What is darkness?", asked the master.

"Well, don't you witness darkness in the night, every night? How can you then suggest that darkness does not exist?", asked the confused disciple.

"When the sun goes down and with it the light, you witness darkness. The absence of light is what you perceive as darkness. Darkness depends on light. You have only one entity Light, but you experience it as two - the presence or absence of it. You cannot destroy darkness - for it does not exist. But, yes you can bring light and remove the darkness. So my dear child fight not to dispel the darkness of ignorance", declared the master.

"Your entire life is mired in the mistaken notion that there are two, without realizing that the "two" stems from just one single entity.

Like the absence of Love is hatred, absence of goodness is evil. Contemplate deeply on this and get yourself out of this mistaken notion of Duality.", continued the master.

"You are wisdom personified. You are either aware or not aware. Delve deep within you and find that wisdom in you and the darkness of ignorance will fall of its own, dear child.", concluded the master.


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