A word about astrology!

Well, its not my intention to engage in a debate about if astrological predictions can be relied upon. Thats not in my ambit.

If an astrologer were to predict that you (assuming that you are a person who strongly believes in astrology) are to die by drowing in water. Would you avoid water altogether?

I think we should not. If the fate be that I shall drown in water and die, so be it. But then, that is not going to stop me from swimming in a river or having a nice time with friends and family by the beach.

After all we need to die one day and there needs to be a reason to die. So let it happen when it has to.

Till then, I am not the one to lose the nice chill early morning bath in a river.

To me, the NOW is the only truth...so lets live that truth to the fullest..


just be yourself .

I like your blog

- It's my life, China

If the fate be that I shall drown in water and die, so be it.

I Like your blog and agree with your viewpoint

wish yourluck


A major rule in astrology is that one CANNOT predict anybody's DEATH using astrology! it's a farce that astrologers today make up. it's not true. and the ones that DO end up coming true are cases of hypnosis and the implementation of the Image-ordain-manifest thing.
astrology is very accurate and spot on but it would be incorrect to say that you can predict anyone's death using it. that's absolutely untrue. DO NOT believe ANY astrologer who claims to predicts anybody's death. no wonder astrology has such a bad reputation. all thanks to these chipmunks!

- Sneha

Dear Ms. Sneha,

Thanks for dropping by.

My post uses Death as an example, but otherwise, not withstanding the fact that astrology may be true.

I still think we need to run our lives how we would have if we did not have fore knowledge.

If God wanted us to know well in advance whats to happen to us, he would have bestowed upon us the ability to do so (without having to undergo ardous spiritual practices).

If God in his great wisdom decided we be unaware of the future, who are we to question it...

Ok, so a lot of people dont beeive in astrology, and write that they belive in GOD, and whatever he wants is what we get.

but tell me something -
You dont have a proof of astrology--
and neither do you have a proof of god.

About me, i belive in both.
I have seen things which have made me a beliver.

Sneha said, people cant predict death. tell me something -
I knew a person, whose life line in his hand was too short.

And even his life was short.

anyhow -- dont comment on anything you cant be sure of.
If you belive in god, then make sure you belive in things created by him.

Dear Raj,

Thanks for dropping by.

I think I have made it clear right at the beginning of the post, I am not in here to engage in a debate about if Astrology is true or if i believe in it.

My point is that, let astrology be as it may (even True), I personally feel that we are better off leading our life as we would if we did not consult an astrological prediction.

To me, astrology must be used to develop self knowledge (I think I will post about this very soon) rather than discover the future.

Thats my point. Nothing more and nothing less.

Sorry, if my post had offended your sensibilities.

Thank you,