Namaste and Welcome to Makara Jyothi!

Annually in the middle of January, it is believed that Lord Ayyappan reveals himself as the celestial light in the sky in Sabari Malai, Kerala, India called the Makara Jyothi.

There are innumerable websites on Lord Ayyappan and Sabari malai, so why add another website to this growing list, you may wonder.

There are two specific reasons for this website

  1. To serve as a reference for Sanatana Dharma a.k.a Hinduism and
    to serve as an online repository of the miracles that Gods and Goddesses perform in our lives.
  2. It was a winter evening in December 2006. I was channel surfing when I stopped at a Christian channel.  A pastor was standing on the streets of Varanasi.  Behind him was a shop selling pictures of many Gods and Goddesses of the Hindu pantheon.  Pointing to the pictures behind him, the pastor asked – What have so many Gods and Goddesses done for you? Come to Jesus and see the miracles he can perform in your life?.

I was so upset with the blatant line of attack adopted by the Pastor.

I have been wondering what would be the best way to counter the growing influence of the Abrahamic religions which demean and belittle Hindu Gods, traditions, rituals and practices.  What has baffled me the most was the apathy of those practicing Hinduism or Sanatana Dharma.

Today I realize the reason for the Sanatanis or Hindus being a divided lot.  I understood that over the long life of Sanatana Dharma or Hinduism, there has been many philosophies that have developed within Hinduism.  The sheer diversity overwhelms most Hindus.

Unlike the Abrahamic religion which has one founder, one God and one objective, the diversity confuses a Hindu about the objective of the religion, the different philosophy, how to choose the most appropriate philosophy and what scriptures to read in their path of spirituality.  This I think is the primary reason which makes the Hindus indifferent to their roots. This indifference can be eliminated only if the following questions can be answered clearly and succinctly

Abrahamic religions are salvation based religion.  Their objective is salvation. Is there a specific objective of Sanatana Dharma or Hindu religion?

Abrahamic religions have just a single path to Salvation.  Follow the instructions of their prophet.  What are the different paths available to a Sanatani? and How to choose one’s path?

And few other important questions that can bring more clarity about Hinduism or Sanatana Dharma that we follow.

I am not so conceited to think that I can unravel the intricate truths expounded by such a magnificent religion like Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma).  However, we need to make a start and I would consider it a privilege to set the ball rolling.

You can also contribute to this knowledge base by adding content that is in line with the above two objectives and correcting any mistakes that you may notice in the content.

Being from a Brahmin family, I was fortunate to have been trained in  Hindu traditions, rituals and scriptures from a very young age.  I learnt to chant the Vedas and had memorised Vishnu Sahasranamam (thousand names of Lord Vishnu) and Vedic Suktas.

During my teens, I went through many difficulties in my life, which made me question everything I had learnt about God and spirituality.  These experiences shaped my thought process and beliefs – “ I came to the decision that without a direct experience with God, I shall neither believe nor disbelieve in any God.  I simply did not know if God exists. I became an Agnostic.

I maintained my Agnostic stance till my mid-twenties.  Lord Ayyappan graced me with experiences that transformed me from being an Agnostic to surrendering to the divine will of the Lord over a period of just nine month.  It is these experiences that I am sharing in this website.

Lord Ayyappan has graced me with many miracles in my life after I started visiting his hill shrine in Sabari Malai, I am sure that most of you would have experienced miracles in your lives – being cured of incurable diseases, becoming financially stable, marriage being fixed, husband and wife on the verge of divorce getting back together and many other miracles.

As Hindus all these miracles are accepted as a part of life of the believer and usually we do not brag about it.  However, I think it is time for us to document these miracles that we experience in our lives.  This will be a good starting point to dent the viral propaganda by the Abrahamic religions that demean and denigrate Hindu gods, traditions and rituals.

I invite you to contribute to the content of this website so that this website can become a resource for the many practicing Hindus and a encyclopedia of Sanatana Dharma for the future generations to refer, learn, practice and keep alive this great tradition that has survived many trials and tribulations.

I invite you to share your experiences in this website to make this website an online document of the miracles that Hindu Gods and Goddesses perform on a daily basis in our lives.

To contribute, register using your Social Media accounts (Facebook or Google) accounts in the website.

Thanks in advance for your time and effort and I hope to see you as a part of this website.

The Makara Jyothi Team
Bangalore, India.