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28 Feb

Want to know Hinduism in depth?

In this Makara Jyothi website, you will get to learn about Hinduism from the perspective of a person who has been exploring and learning; from a parent who has sincerely attempted to find answers to questions that his child has asked about Hinduism; about the basis tenets and a better …

15 Jul

The Subtle Ego

Two brothers – Ramu and Shamu lived in Sonapur village. Ramu was very successful in his life – had property, more than enough money, fame and luxuries in his life. Shamu was hardworking but made barely enough to sustain himself and his family. One evening Shamu invited Ramu for dinner …

06 Jun

A word about astrology!

Well, its not my intention to engage in a debate about if astrological predictions can be relied upon. That’s not in my ambit. If an astrologer were to predict that you (assuming that you are a person who strongly believes in astrology) are to die by drowning in water. Would …