A word about astrology!

Well, its not my intention to engage in a debate about if astrological predictions can be relied upon. That’s not in my ambit.

If an astrologer were to predict that you (assuming that you are a person who strongly believes in astrology) are to die by drowning in water. Would you avoid water altogether?

I think we should not. If the fate be that I shall drown in water and die, so be it. But then, that is not going to stop me from swimming in a river or having a nice time with friends and family by the beach.

After all we need to die one day and there needs to be a reason to die. So let it happen when it has to.

Till then, I am not the one to lose the nice chill early morning bath in a river.

To me, the NOW is the only truth…so lets live that truth to the fullest..


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