Being Spiritual – Is it something to be proud about?

For all those who pride themselves in being very spiritual and look down upon others who aren't, I would like to ask you a few questions:

  • Is Fire going to burn you any less because you are spiritual?
  • Is water going to wet us any more because we are not spiritual?
  • Are you going to bleed any less due to a cut, because you are more spiritual?
  • Is the pain of the wound going to be any more because we are less spiritual?

If a bomb is dropped on a city, the bomb is not going to explode based on if the people who live there are spiritual or not. Its nature is to explode and so shall it be. The nature of fire is to burn and so shall it remain – be it a saint or a sinner.

Our day to day life runs because of the natural interactions between things – they are very much predictable. The Sun rises and sets, etc., Being spiritual is not going to make us go beyond the laws of nature. The only thing that it helps is in being able to understand the nature of things and live in harmony with them. And by the way, what is being spiritual. Spirituality tries to study and internalize who we are? what our nature is? Why we are what we are? etc.,

Religion – no matter which one – only gives us tools and methods to be used to be spiritual.

How very sad that the means itself has become the end to many of us…

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