The story of Mr. Devout

There lived a man called Mr. Devout. He was so devout that God had saved him during many a disasters in his life.

One day when he was walking in the road, he saw a mahout sitting on top of an elephant and screaming, get out of the way, this elephant is mad. Mr. Devout reasoned that God will save him and did not pay heed to the shouting mahout. The mad elephant trampled Mr. Devout and killed him.

Mr. Devout went to heaven, where he met God.

He asked God, “Why did you not save me when the elephant trampled me?”

God replied, “Who do you think was shouting through the Mahout?”

Looks like even God expects us to be sensible, doesn’t he?

Is God grossly misunderstood?

As children we were taught that if we did wrong, then God will come in our dreams and punish us and if we did good then God will do good to us.

This concept remained ingrained in my mind till a series of incidents in my life made me sit up and question the very basic premises about my life. It is then I realized, God is a grossly misunderstood being. He neither causes sorrow nor bestows happiness. He is.

We out of our own ignorance and must I say Ego (the sense of being in control of Nature and the environment around us) perceive, judge and act. Every action has its own reaction and when the reaction is not up to our liking we say God has been unkind to us. My experience only shows God to be a being beyond the human emotions of Anger and Appeasement.

He showers his love and kindness equally on all of us….its upto us to receive it. He stands like a tall Banyan tree giving shade and succor, for it is his nature.

Out of our own ignorance, we tend to step out of the shade of the tree and cry that the sun is burning us…Is it the fault of the tree?


A philosophy exam was being conducted and the question paper contained just one question – “Why?”

The students who were appearing for the exam pondered over the question and wrote pages and pages of answers explaining why life? why tradition? why culture, etc..

However, the answer that was awarded the maximum marks were a mere two words – Why not?

This parable has helped me face lot many situations in my life.

When times are tough, I console myself saying Why not? or Why do we expect our life to run smoothly all the time?

In fact, I wonder sometime why we find it difficult to just be a witness to what is happening around us.

Is it just that its a part of being human to get emotional involved and tied down to our own situations – difficult or otherwise…

Wonder what the answer is? or Must I at all understand it?


Strange ways of human life…

I am here specifically referring to devotion to God – irrespective of how you call him – Christ, Allah, Krishna, etc.,

When I look around, I find that most people pray to God when in trouble and seeking help to tide over the trouble. And the more they are dependent on God, the more the people around them consider them to be devoted. Is this necessarily true?

Devotion to me is when we establish a direct relationship with God the way we perceive him/her. This relationship is on being in the company of God, rather than for what God can do for us. In the latter case, we are using God, in the former, we are in relationship with God.

What applies for human relationships, also applies to our relationship with God. It is built brick by brick by our actions…

So, devotion is not an escapism from reality, but a deep personal and profound relationship with God for what he is and not what he can do for us.

What do you say?


My friend’ss daughter, aged around 7, has a congenital disease. A disease which expels proteins along with the urine. At the bus stop, once when seeing her off to Belgaum, she said to her father, that she wants to use the restroom.

My friend took her to the rest room and as she was entering the rest room, he said to her, “Plz be careful in the public restroom, you can catch an infection”.

This girl after using the restroom, when she came out, looked at her father and said “Daddy, what if I have a problem with my kidneys, if it comes to it, you would give one of your kidneys to me. Won’t you?”

My friend was shocked beyond words at the amount of trust that little girl has placed on him.

Trust seems to be the greatest gift that one human can give the other. The irony is that it is this same trust which is often abused.

The Two Buddhist Monk

A senior monk and a junior monk had to travel together. As they were traveling, they had to cross a river. The river was flooded due to copious rains in the catchment areas. As the monks were attempting to cross the river, they saw a very young and beautiful woman also attempting to cross the river.

The young woman asked if the senior monk could help cross the river. The senior monk carried this woman on his shoulder and crossed the river and let her on the other bank of the river.

The junior monk was very upset, as the monk hood demands that they not touch a woman. However, as monk hood also demanded that he pay respect to elders, he dared not to ask the senior monk to explain his action.

They both were walking and senior monk noticed that his junior was suddenly silent and enquired, “Is something the matter, you seem very upset?”

The junior monk replied, “As monks we are debarred from touching a woman, how could you then carry that woman on your shoulders?”

The senior monk replied, “I left the woman a long time ago at the bank, however, you seem to be carrying her still.”

Christ and the blind man!

I am sure all of you know about the story in which Jesus Christ gives sight to a blind man. Being what Christ is, why did he choose to give him sight alone and nothing more (meaning riches, etc.,) It seems to me that the only obstacle that the blind man faced is his inability to see, which put him at a disadvantage when compared to the majority. By removing the obstacle, Jesus helped him to be at par with the rest. And let him decide his course in life.

Moral of the story: Help must be only to remove obstacles and nothing more…. What do you say?