Strange ways of human life…

I am here specifically referring to devotion to God – irrespective of how you call him – Christ, Allah, Krishna, etc.,

When I look around, I find that most people pray to God when in trouble and seeking help to tide over the trouble. And the more they are dependent on God, the more the people around them consider them to be devoted. Is this necessarily true?

Devotion to me is when we establish a direct relationship with God the way we perceive him/her. This relationship is on being in the company of God, rather than for what God can do for us. In the latter case, we are using God, in the former, we are in relationship with God.

What applies for human relationships, also applies to our relationship with God. It is built brick by brick by our actions…

So, devotion is not an escapism from reality, but a deep personal and profound relationship with God for what he is and not what he can do for us.

What do you say?

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