Education – the window to enlightenment?

It was an unusually sunny day. My vehicle had broken down in the middle of a deserted highway. Wondering what to do, I started to slowly walk towards the nearest village which was about a mile away. The sun was right above the head and was striking very hard on me. I think the temperature must have been around 38 degrees. I had almost walked the distance and was near the village, when out of sheer exhaustion, I collapsed – half faint and half awake.

I could hear a motorcycle stop near me. Hearing my incoherent speech, I could hear someone telling the other in English “Leave him alone. These people look very well dressed, yet they drink beyond their limits and fall on the road being a nuisance to everyone”.

One of them got down and I could feel them tug at my pocket and remove something; I think it was my purse. But I was too weak to protest. Before I could even react, the motor cycle had zipped past.

After a couple of minutes, I could hear some jingle sounds and realize that a cow cart had pulled beside me. I heard someone shout “Daai, seekrama konjam color vangite vaada” (Get some lime soda fast).

I could make out someone trying to hold me and pour some tangy liquid in my mouth. I don’t know how long it took for me to recover.

I saw a haggard looking man with his wife and a child standing by me, till I was alright.

I tried to get my purse out and give them some money…only to remember that I was robbed. Education the window to enlightenment – I seriously doubt it.

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