Effects of Meditation

There are many benefits that accrue when you meditate. There are many many websites that speak about the benefits of meditation and why one should meditate. However, my post is going to be a bit different in that, here I am going to discuss about what essentially happens when you meditate and not withstanding the benefits, what are the not so beneficial consequences of starting to meditate.

In daily living we are used to focusing our energies to the world around us – trying to manage time, relationships, profession, finance, etc. However, when you start meditating you are focusing your attention inwards – into you. There are many mental impressions buried deep inside our mind, many fears, many insecurities, many memories of joyful moments, many memories of success, many emotions of suppressed anger.

After the initial period, when the mind is learning to stop the endless chatter with itself, as you meditate you come to a stage where your mind stops thinking. Till here the journey is pleasant. Once the mind is silenced thus, it starts to dig out memories and latent impressions. If this be pleasant, you feel euphoric. If it be unpleasant, the feeling of depression, anger, helplessness, insecurity can be equally intense.

After all, during meditation you have trained the mind to focus its full attention on one thing – its like a laser beam.

I am not here to scare people who want to try meditation.

My attempt is to only highlight that the path is not full of roses.

After all even a beautiful rose has a thorn close by, isn’t it?

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