Is God grossly misunderstood?

As children we were taught that if we did wrong, then God will come in our dreams and punish us and if we did good then God will do good to us.

This concept remained ingrained in my mind till a series of incidents in my life made me sit up and question the very basic premises about my life. It is then I realized, God is a grossly misunderstood being. He neither causes sorrow nor bestows happiness. He is.

We out of our own ignorance and must I say Ego (the sense of being in control of Nature and the environment around us) perceive, judge and act. Every action has its own reaction and when the reaction is not up to our liking we say God has been unkind to us. My experience only shows God to be a being beyond the human emotions of Anger and Appeasement.

He showers his love and kindness equally on all of us….its upto us to receive it. He stands like a tall Banyan tree giving shade and succor, for it is his nature.

Out of our own ignorance, we tend to step out of the shade of the tree and cry that the sun is burning us…Is it the fault of the tree?

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