Is pain undesirable?

Mattu was a successful business man in the town. He was very popular and known for his highly principled life. He suffered from a disease in which he could no experience pain at all. His life did not know what pain was. Everyone envied him. He simply could not feel pain.

When he was 40, he partnered with an international business house and was about to take his business globally. After having signed the contract papers and a dinner in a swank hotel, he returned home.

He went to bed. In the night he threw up a couple of times. He thought that this was due to indigestion and thought he could visit the doctor in the morning. He went to bed…never to wake up again… His appendicitis had grown and as he could not experience pain, he never knew about it…

May be if he did get the pain, would he have survived?

So is pain really undesirable?

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