People and opinions – Hand in glove!

This is not a story.

I am writing about something that has occurred to me of the so many interactions I have had with people. It makes me wonder. Let me share an incident with you that triggered this thought in me….

One of the days at office my colleagues and I were having an aimless chat when we decided to listen to one of the audio narration of Deepak Chopra, who happens to be a powerful speaker on spirituality and its essence. A few of us were deeply involved in a mental conversation with the narrator that little did it occur to us that not everyone would relate to the kind of things that the narrator was talking about…

However, on the next day, a colleague of mine asked me why do people believe in superstitious things as she didn't believe in them and that she was an atheist. Her statement was food for thought for me and the next response that came naturally to me was: People believe in things that they have experienced or seen. Like my husband (the author of this blog) said, its like hunger.

There is always a scientific explanation to it (if we are willing to spend time and effort to seek it), but to understand it you need to experience it. On the contrary, when people say that there is no God or there are no supernatural forces, don`t you think even that is a judgmental opinion? What makes their opinion more important that others?

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