The story of Mr. Victim

This is the story of a man called Mr. Victim.

Mr. Victim came from a broken family. Had never seen his parents together. At school, he was treated as an outcaste. In college, he was a loner. Throughout his profession, he was a victim of professional jealousy. To avoid, professional jealousy, he started his own business on partnership. The business ran successfully for a year.

Comforts started in his life and he got used to a luxurious life. He thought a lovable wife would be a welcome change.

He found a nice girl and got married to her. In the while he had a cute baby boy too. A couple of years down the line the business suffered losses and his lovable wife started to question his business decisions. The business wound up in a bankruptcy.

There were quarrels between Mr. Victim and his wife. Mr. Victim found it difficult to find a new job. Things were very difficult and frustrating.

In sheer frustration, Mr. Victim renounced his worldly life and took up “Sanyasa” or “Saint hood”. Having taken “Sanyasa”, he left to the forests to meditate. He found a nice cave near a rivulet in a dense jungle and settled down there to meditate.

Things were fine by the day, however, by night, the mosquitoes were a menace. In a week’s time, he fell sick with fever.

As he lay down frail inside his new abode – the cave, thoughts about his loving wife came to him. He started wondering how well his wife would taken care of him when he was sick.

But he could do nothing much but hope that his wife will find him soon, as he was too tired to even walk.

Has he truly renounced the world? and Is renouncing is such an easy task?

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