The story of Sirish the deer

Sirish was a beautiful deer that roamed the forest in the Sahyadri ranges in western ghats. Through out his life he could sense a sweet smell around him.

He spoke to a couple of animals in the forest. “Do you smell that perfume?” he asked.

All the other animals ridiculed him. Some said, he was hallucinating, some said he was mad and many just behaved nicely in front of him and ridiculed him in his absence. Years passed by..the perfume smell only got stronger and Sirish had learned through experience to keep it to himself.

One day as he was roaming the forest, he came across a cave. He saw a blue light emanating from within the cave.

Curious by what he saw he went inside the cave. He found an old man with a flowing white beard sitting cross legged.

“What brings you here?” the old man asked

“I saw a blue light and was curious to find out what was happening in here” he replied.

“You look very unhappy? What is the matter?” asked the old man.

“Well, you may think I’m crazy, but then from birth I have always felt that there is a perfume around me…and its getting stronger and stronger as the days pass by. All my friends in the forest think I am imagining things. But I can feel the smell…I have searched all these years in vain. Would you be able to tell me where this smell is from and why I can smell it when others can’t?” said the deer.

“Aha, so that is what is bothering you?” asked the old man and continued, “In your own belly you carry that sweet smell. We humans call it musk.”

The deer stood there shocked and in disbelief. Aren’t we all like that musk deer – trying to find that divinity within us?

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