The story of the fishes in the pond!

This is a story of fishes that lived deep in a pond, so deep, almost at the bed of the pond. They had a very happy life.

Even their society was divided into Priest fishes, Scientist Fishes, Worker Fishes, Business Fishes, etc just like in our society. The Priest fishes called themselves servants of God and commanded a lot of respect from the other fishes.

There was one fish which was tired of the life in the Pond. It wanted to know if there was anything more to life than the life in the Pond. So, it dared to do what other fishes did not dare to. It swam from the bottom of the Pond to the surface.

When it reached the surface….it saw Sunlight for the first time, the tall tress, men and women. This fish made it a habit to swim to the surface every once in a way. It started to get its friends as well. The word spread around, that there is more to life than just the life of the Pond.

The authority of the servants of God was being questioned. This the Priest fishes could not tolerate.

The Fish that first dared to swim to the surface was summoned, tried in a court charged with practicing Witchcraft and then sentenced to death. However, the other fishes got curious and it became the habit to sneak out and have a look at the world at the surface of the water.

Once, the numbers of such sneaking fishes were substantial, the Priest fishes lost the respect they commanded and it became a free for all.

How long do you want to be a Fish in a pond?

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