The story of the Peacock and the Cuckoo

A Cuckoo and Peacock were best of pals. Every time both of them met, the Peacock used to show its beautiful dance to the Cuckoo.

Slowly, but steadily, the Peacock became very popular in School, in the neighborhood, in the club. The Cuckoo was happy for its friend but very dejected.

The Cuckoo went through a depression – it was dark and not as beautiful as the Peacock. It wanted to dance as gracefully as the Peacock. So the Cuckoo set out to find a dance teacher to learn dancing. One of Cuckoo friends suggested that he meet a dance teacher who lived in a far away island.

The Cuckoo set sail to the far away island. When it reached the island, it met the Dance teacher. The dance teacher refused to meet the Cuckoo. But the Cuckoo wouldn’t relent.

Days passed into months and months into a couple of years, still the dance teacher wouldn’t meet the Cuckoo.

In great despair, the Cuckoo sat at the beach…he felt like crying…in despair…he started to mutter something…then slowly but in a deep melancholic voice he started to sing…a soul stirring song on why he must learn dancing….

As the Cuckoo was about to finish the song, the Dance teacher went to the beach to meet the Cuckoo…

And he said, “Why do you want to be a dancer, when you such a soul stirring voice?”

It is then that the Cuckoo realized that he was born with that beautiful voice…

Does this story of the Cuckoo say something to you?

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