The window to a beautiful life

I would like to share with my readers, an incident that is supposed to have actually happened during the days of Buddha, the modern God of self-realization.

Long ago, there lived a tiger and a deer in a forest. These two animals were always at loggerheads with each other and they made sure that when ever an opportunity arose, they would teach the other one a lesson. It so happened that the tiger killed the deer in that life and in its next life (rebirth cycle/karmic cycle), the roles reversed and the deer made sure that it was reborn as the tiger and the tiger was born a deer and so this chain of action and reaction continued until some time.

After a few births like this, where they avenged each other’s death, they realized they were tired of it and they wanted to end it but didn’t know how.

They decided to go to Buddha and find out if at all there was any solution to their problem. When they told Buddha all that had happened, Buddha listened to them and in all his wisdom told them that there was a way of getting out of this rut and the mantra to that was to forgive and forget each other for all that had happened so far. Its so easy, isn’t it?

Forgive and forget people for what they they have done to you and move on…

The point that I am trying to drive home is that God with all his knowledge, gave us all a mind so pure and a heart so big, not to hold anger and hatred but to love everyone around us as much as we would love ourselves.

Its definitely not easy but at the same time its not impossible.

After all we are saving ourselves so much of trouble by not coming back here time and again just to get even with people and ruin the short and beautiful life that God has bestowed upon us…think about it…

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