My friend’ss daughter, aged around 7, has a congenital disease. A disease which expels proteins along with the urine. At the bus stop, once when seeing her off to Belgaum, she said to her father, that she wants to use the restroom.

My friend took her to the rest room and as she was entering the rest room, he said to her, “Plz be careful in the public restroom, you can catch an infection”.

This girl after using the restroom, when she came out, looked at her father and said “Daddy, what if I have a problem with my kidneys, if it comes to it, you would give one of your kidneys to me. Won’t you?”

My friend was shocked beyond words at the amount of trust that little girl has placed on him.

Trust seems to be the greatest gift that one human can give the other. The irony is that it is this same trust which is often abused.

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