Understanding Astrology II

In the previous post, we discussed about the three types of Karma – Sanchitha, Prarabdha and Agami Karma.

But what does Karma mean? The literal meaning of Karma is Action. Action being central to our lives, it is impossible to avoid it. For, non-action also becomes a kind of action – the act of refusing to act. Even the Bhavad Gita mentions that once born, there is no way but to act.

Does it mean that in a life, where there is no escape from action, we are penalized for acting (on which we have no control over)?

No matter what a traditional Vedanti might say, Action in the context of the “Karma Siddhanta” refers more to the mental impression that is left while performing an action, more than the action itself. These mental impressions stay in the mind as memories and decide/curtail our freedom to choose, by conditioning our responses. Hence, we need to understand Karma more as the “mental conditioning / impressions / memory” of the action in our mind than the actual action itself.

Astrology then tries to dig out these latent impressions that our mind carries with it and the conditioned responses that will be produced by these “impressions”.

Thus, Astrology generally is not accurate with “Jeevan Muktas”, those of us who have gone beyond the conditioning, through spiritual practices.

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