Understanding Astrology III

In the previous posts about Astrology, we have seen how The Theory of karma is the basis on which Astrology is built.

Having said that, the purpose of Astrology is mainly to understand the individual from the perspective of their Karmic account – the good, the bad and the ugly.

Using Astrology to understand one’s own Sanchitha and Prarabdha karma’s gives a deeper understanding of one’s own self. This knowledge also gives the courage to face what comes with fortitude and patience. Thus the main purpose of Astrology seems to be deeper self knowledge from a spiritual perspective, though using it, only to lead a comfortable material life is not debarred or not considered undesirable.

Having said that what is the use of understanding the Sanchitha or Prarabdha karma, if we do not have the power to change it?

This question will be answered in the next post in this series

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